Novice Osan adventurer, the strongest party trained to die and become invincible.


Synopsis : « It’s better to become an adventurer as young as possible ». This is common sense because of the basis of an adventurer’s strength, « magical power ». It hardly grows unless one had trained since his youngest age. However, a man called Rick Gladiarte aims to become an adventurer after passing the age of thirty. But he has the fighting power of a rank S even though he is a newcomer !? The members of the legendary party « Orichalcum Fist » where adventurers gather have an unimaginable daily life. From fighting vampires to dragons, they are elite trained « monster class » teachers. Rick licks down the elite who are licking one after the another. »

Original Work : Kiraku Kiraku & Tea
Author & Artist : Ken Ogino
Original Publisher : HobbyJapan
Year : 2020
Status VO : Ongoing
Translated from Japanese

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