Back once again~!

Hello everyone !

Kaga here, I’m glad to see you all again to provide you the next chapter of Virgin’s Road. It was supposed to come a few days earlier but its there at last. Chapter 3 just came out in RAW as well, so it will follow in two weeks.
This news was supposed to have two more chapters but it will have to wait. I’m kinda exhausted working everywhere but no worry, motivation is coming back stronger than before!
I really hope we’ll be able to increase our numbers of members soon enough, so that I will be able to work more efficiently on a few projects instead of being everywhere.
Scanlation aside, since it started I have been a lot into SinoAlice. I used to play the JP version which I picked up again alongside the global one. The Nier Automata and Replicant are coming respectively in a few days and two weeks, can’t wait for these~!

With that, see you next time!

PS : When you see the moving Prinny on the website, it means chapters are coming.

Virgin’s Road 2

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